Laltroturismo... a blessing for body and soul.
    Laltroturismo... a blessing for body and soul. 

Birds and dolphins-watching sailing tours.

From Bosa to Capo Marrargiu discovering Vultures.

The Sardinian vultures is the last remnant autochthonous Italian populations. In the vultures' main range, Bosa municipality, has been recorded the highest number of fledglings, likely because of decreased human disturbance. This is the reason why the way to see Vultures by our sail trip is the best way. We can see their amazing flights very close, your chicks waiting food into the hidden nests and, in respectful silence taking pictures or movies by your cameras.


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15,00.  Board  Hansiosa in Bosa marina.  Meet the crew, visit the boat, receive a  short  briefing on the rules to be followed on board, safe navigation and first informations about basics of sailing practise.

15,30.  Departure. We’ll sail (when wind conditions allows) to reach the Cape of Marrargiu, along Bosa's seacoast. 

16,30.  Spotting vultures...

17,00.  After anchoring, time for a refreshing swim in the sea. We’ll set sail ...

18,00.  Return to Bosa Marina. Hope to see you again !!!


Around the bosa's gulf searching for dolphins

The best way to see dolphins in their natural habitat, playing around the bow of the sailboat as well. Some pods live here, tempted by the fish trapped in the fishermen's nets. It is easy to see them, but unfortunately it is not like an Azores fishing spot. In this case we'll reach a natural bay where you can swim in a crystal water surrounded by little nice blue fish asking you for a piece of bread.


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10.00.   Board Hansiosa in Bosa marina. Meet the crew, visit the boat, receive a short briefing on the rules to be followed on board, the rules of safe navigation and first information about basics of sailing practise. 

10.30.  Departure. Docking maneuvers. Trying to find the dolphins.

12.30.  After anchoring,  time for a refreshing swim in the sea. We’ll set sail again.

13.00.  Return to Bosa Marina…. Hope to see you again soon!!!!


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