Laltroturismo... a blessing for body and soul.
    Laltroturismo... a blessing for body and soul. 

Overnight at anchor sail excursion.


Night hiking is the adult version of sneaking out of the house: You get all the excitement but with virtually no chance of being caught and grounded upon your return. The stars and planets are close overhead; a savagely beautiful and uninhabited world lies below .... you feel less a hiker than an astronaut.




20,00 . Board Hansiosa in Bosa marina. Meet the crew, visit the boat and receive a short briefing on the rules to be followed on board, the rules of night safe navigation and first informations about basics of sailing practise.

20.15 Departure. Depending on weather conditions, we’ll sail to the Columbargia tower or to Managu harbour.

21.00 . After anchoring  at our destination, you’ll have time for a refreshing swim in the sea while Hansiosa’s crew is preparing appetizers on board. A glass of chilled local Vermentino or Cannonau wine, a dessert and a local liqueur are served before midnight.

07.00 . Wake up. Breakfast with coffee, milk, juice, yogurt, fruit, cookies, bread, cheese and salami. 

08.00 . Return to Bosa Marina … Hope to see you  soon!!!!


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