Laltroturismo... a blessing for body and soul.
    Laltroturismo... a blessing for body and soul. 

Capo Caccia Alghero sail trip.

Cliffs shaped by time, plunging into the sea; caves and underwater grottoes; rare lifeforms such as coral; marine flora and shoals of fish: the spectacular landscapes of the north-western tip of Sardinia. The protected area of Capo Caccia - Piana Island falls within the territory of Alghero and includes Porto Conte bay and the stretch from Punta Giglio to Capo Caccia.

You can only sailing in front of the famous Grotta di Nettuno, looking at the Escala del Cabiròl, from which people come down to visit the interior. The cave, nearly 600 metres of which can be visited, offers suggestive scenery with stalactites and stalagmites and a lake.

You can enjoy of a mysterious and fascinating world, discovering forms of life such as the red coral, that is the symbol of the Alghero coast, known as the Coral Riviera, when we'll be at anchor.



09.15. Board Hansiosa in Bosa marina. Meet the crew, visit the boat and receive a short briefing on the rules to be followed on board and the rules of safe navigation.

09.30  Departure. We’ll leave the harbour sailing along the northern coast of Bosa towards Alghero, reaching the Capo Caccia peninsula directly 3 houres of navigation after. A short visit in front of Nettuno' Grotto and Foradadda isle with his big hole, looking at the Light House 200mt. above your head. You can experience something similar (but less impressive!) boarding a Capri boat tour (Faraglioni) or  Malta boat trip (Blue Grotto).

12.30     After anchoring at our destination, you’ll have time for a  refreshing swim or snorkel in the sea  while Hansiosa’s talented hostess is preparing lunch.


13.30. Dry off on deck while sipping cocktails and snacking on tasty appetizers. For lunch, enjoy steaming marinara pasta, prepared with fresh local fish, served with a glass of chilled local Vermentino or Cannonau wine. Dessert and a moka coffee follows lunch.

15.00. After lunch, ready to set sail again, no-stop navigation to port.

18.30. Return to Bosa Marina…. Hope to see you again soon!!!!


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