Laltroturismo- Sailing excursion - Bosa, Sardinia, Italy
Laltroturismo- Sailing excursion - Bosa, Sardinia, Italy
Laltroturismo... a blessing for body and soul.
    Laltroturismo... a blessing for body and soul. 

Laltroturismo Sardinia sailing. Italy 

Travel to, conditions, refreshments and cuisine on board


  • Our excursions are shared, this means that up to 12 people will be accommodated on board. 
  • However, we offer the opportunity to book the sailboat exclusively and crewed at a set price.
  • Our job is aimed at letting you know the best of Sardinian hospitality, in a unique amazing environment.
  • We will meet you in Bosa Marina, 15 minutes before the start time at the Nautica Pinna river harbour.
  • Our yacht has a lot of facilities of a home but is not a home.
  • On it there are simply rules to follow to enjoy all that it offers.
  • We supply all drinks and a traditional tasty food though we don't have a restautant’ kitchen.
  • Please let us know if you have particular food intolerances or allergies, we'll let you know what you can eat.
  • If you have special dietary requirements, you can organize by yourself and board the sailboat with your meal.
  • You can actually help the sails up when we go out on the water. We couldn't call ourselves sailors if we didn't!
  • If the wind is light, we turn on the engine to navigate stages of the trip.
  • It is customary to tip the crew. That's the best way to let us know that you enjoyed the experience.



•    In Sardinia you get the chance to enjoy temperate Mediterranean island weather. 
•    Sea breezes mitigate the summer heat along the coasts and the temperature never goes below zero even in winter. 
•   In the inland areas, the temperature is lower by a few degrees and it snows on the mountains in the cold season. Rain is rare especially in the summer.

Health and Safety 


This is not a small boat and is very stable, really different from an elicopter ride. Sailing is inherently safe and safety is our primary concern. As soon as you climb aboard, our crew will tell you everything you need to know about the particulars of our sailing yacht.


•    No shoes boarding, leaves it into the basket on the floating dock. 
•    A fleece or sweater, as sometimes it can be cooler out at sea.
•    No sand, it is a trouble.  Check your sea towel, bag or backpack in advance.
•    Store your personal items safely and dry under deck. 
•    Please use your sea towel (that's mandatory on board, without it we can disembark you withholding your payment for us, (though we can sell you one supplied with the boat paying cash €.20,00) on deck every time and everywhere. 

•    Solar oil is not permitted. Tie your long hair, it’s very annoying finds it between halyards and ropes.

•    Please use the toilet following the simple rules hanging on the wall carefully. 
•    Children are welcome on board. With small children we will need some info.
•   Sea sickness: in general, the sea conditions are very easy. If you have troubles with travel sickness it is better taking a pill few hours before sailing or, when aboard, eating something and lying down on the deck.
•    Be responsible with alcohol. The Coast Guard is very tough on inebriated people!
•    On deck smoking is allowed but strictly limited, bring with you your own ashtray. 
•    As a rule, pets of any description are not permitted on board.
•    Personal travel insurance is recommended for all bookings.

•    Medical certificate is required to board pregnant women.


Terms and Conditions 

Weather: We reserve the right to cancel your booking if weather forecast is not suitable. Should the company be forced to cancel or alter trips our liability is limited to offering a chance to either delay the excursion, get in return a gift card of 1-year valid or receive a refund no greater than the fare paid. We will contact you in advance to confirm your choice.


Cancellation fees: No show and 24 hours or less notice cancellation fee is 100% of fare. 24 hours - 48 hours 50% of fare. Also the option to postpone the excursion/trip or get in return a gift card. Total refund up to 48 hours before the departure.

Responsibility: The company shall not be held responsible for any property loss or damage and/or any claim resulting from personal injury or death arising whilst traveling with the company, participating in activities on the vessel or other company property. 

Payment: the Fareharbour platform guarantees the highest level of security and protection of the personal data entered, simplicity and precision in the procedure.  It provides ample assurance of commercial reliability and fairness, to protect the interests of the end customer. Allows the use of the most common credit cards.  For this service he asks for a fee as a percentage of the final price of the operation.  Upon request, in special cases, payment by credit card is allowed upon boarding, with an increase of €.  5.00 for each participant.

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