Laltroturismo... a blessing for body and soul.
    Laltroturismo... a blessing for body and soul. 

Main sailing excursions in Sardinia, trips and tours

Morning, Afternoon, Sunset Appetizer. 

Depending on weather conditions, we’ll sail toward the Columbargia Tower and Corona Niedda Rocks or to the Cumpultittu beach, Argentina Tower and Managu's natural harbour, then through the crystal clear waters of the Bosa's coast. After anchoring at our destination, time for a refreshing swim in the sea while an appetizer on board is prepared with a glass of chilled local Vermentino or Cannonau wine.

Sailing tours. Coastal daytime adventure 

Sailing between “Punta Foghe” (south) and “Capo Marrargiu” (north), is an amazing voyage of discovery through wild and isolated places where nature is still intact. You can admire vultures flying and dolphins swimming close to the yacht. The natural Bay of Porto Managu and Torre Columbargia, are ideal for snorkelling and relaxation, mostly after tried out a white-shark cage diving in  Cape Town one day safari.

Birds and dolphins-watching sailing trips

The Sardinian vultures are the last remnant autochthonous Italian populations. In the vultures' main range, Bosa municipality, has been recorded the highest number of fledglings, likely because of decreased human disturbance. This is the reason why the way to see Vultures by our sail trip is the best way. We can see their amazing flights very close, your chicks waiting food into the hidden nests and, in respectful silence taking pictures or movies by your cameras.

The best way to see dolphins in their natural habitat, playing around the bow of the sailboat as well. Some pods live here, tempted by the fish trapped in the fishermen's nets. It is easy to see them,  but unfortunately not always is possible. In this case we'll reach a natural bay where you can swim in a crystal water surrounded by little nice blue fish asking you for a piece of bread.


Capo Caccia Alghero sight-seeing

Cliffs shaped by time; caves and underwater grottoes; rare lifeforms such as coral, marine flora and shoals of fish; the spectacular landscapes of the north-western tip of Sardinia. The protected area of Capo Caccia - Piana Island falls within the territory of Alghero and includes Porto Conte Bay and the stretch from Punta Giglio to Capo Caccia. You can only sail in front of the famous Grotta di Nettuno, looking at the Escala del Cabiròl. The cave, nearly 600 metres of which can be visited, offers stunning scenery with stalactites and stalagmites and a lake.

Isola di Mal di Ventre by sea

Off the central-western coast of Sardinia lies an uninhabited island in a special nature reserve; the name hints at its often choppy seas, but its nature and landscape is an enchanting, unique oasis. Mal di Ventre, a flat expanse of granite two and a half kilometres long and one kilometre at its widest, is populated by rabbits and turtles. Monk seals are rumoured to have been seen. The island is a strategic stop-over for various nesting birds: Eleonora's falcon, shags, Mediterranean shags, short-tailed shearwaters and gulls. The western coastline is rocky, the eastern shore offers enchanting coves with small, sandy or quartz beaches, very similar to Mari Ermi opposite, one of the three "pearls" of Sinis, together with Is Arutas and Maimoni. The seabed is ideal for diving and dolphins can often be spotted. The unpredictability of the sea has created a ship graveyard in the vicinity for Roman, Spanish and modern shipping.

Overnight at anchor experience

Night hiking is the adult version of sneaking out of the house: You get all the excitement but with virtually no chance of being caught and grounded upon your return. The stars and planets are close overhead; a savagely beautiful and uninhabited world lies below, the moon lights it, you’re tasting a glass of malvasia wine but.. if you prefer fitness you could visit our friends in Florida, key west boat tripsfor a night paddle tour.

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