Sea kayak tour.

Leaving the mouth of the river heading north towards the Cape of Marrargiu the first of a series of small and beautiful coves is Cala e Moros (Moors of falls). Continuing your sea voyage, you will see Sos pupos  (the children) rocks, offering profiles of ancient dinosaurs, raptors and elephants, to the entrance of the bay of Cala Rapina.

Then we reach the small sandy S'abba druche and Compoltittu (small comfort with marina), which delight the viewer with hints of tropical waters thanks to shallow waters and white sands. We are close to the small promontory of the jagged Torre Argentina where small coves with smooth white rocks offer us wonderful and often solitary relaxation.


The tour continues. We will dock in the bay of Porto Managu - that is the last coastal stretch reachable by land. From here on the geology of the coast and rocks undergoes a marked transformation, offering the viewer a magnificent landscape of imposing cliffs full of crevices and cracks in the rocks of trachytic and andesitic volcanic origin.  Wonder at the sight of the famous caves, a visit into the heart of the mountain enjoying the grandeur of the structures created by the force of waves at the base of the jagged cliffs where often it is possible to glimpse the rare Griffon Gyps fulvus.

River kayak tour.

Go up a river by Kayak is an experience that can only be done in Sardinia from Bosa. The  Temo river offers the possibility to admire the city from an unusual perspective. Along the way there are the 18th century tanneries, the real wealth of industrial archeology, which strongly characterize the appearance of the left bank of the river. On the other side there are the nineteenth-century buildings overlooking the river, they are near the medieval district of Sa Costa; everything is dominated by the Malaspina castle. After passing the old bridge, built in trachyte, and the Cathedral of the Immaculate, you can see the old church  of  S. Peter extramuros, where you can moor and  visit the more important religious building in Bosa, one of the older churches belonging to the Romanesque period in Sardinia.


About us 

by our guests


-We had very high expectations for the day... our expectations were exceeded.
-They serve a delicious lunch prepared with fresh typical Sardinian products.
-Nuccia and Adriano honoured our wedding anniversary by preparing great food.
-We were treated to a feast of local food and wine for lunch on board.
-Very friendly and knowledgeable of the local area and also of course sailing itself.
-Adriano offering my 18j son to take the rudder. A unique experience he will not forget.
-My wife and I both had a chance to sail the boat too.
-The boat is beautiful, clean and tidy. 
-It was like a small luxurious 5-Star All-incl. on the water. 
-What followed was an amazing 8 hours of beautiful...
-After the first trip we were so happy that we (and others) booked the second excursion straight away.
-As a guest, you can see, feel, smell and taste, that they love what they do.

- This was a trip of a lifetime, amazing hosts Adriano and Nuccia.


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