Kayak tour on the Temo river

Go up a river by Kayak is an experience that can only be done in Sardinia from Bosa. The  Temo river offers the possibility to admire the city from an unusual perspective. Along the way there are the 18th century tanneries, the real wealth of industrial archeology, which strongly characterize the appearance of the left bank of the river.


On the other side there are the nineteenth-century buildings overlooking the river, they are near the medieval district of Sa Costa; everything is dominated by the Malaspina castle.


After passing the old bridge, built in trachyte, and the Cathedral of the Immaculate, you can see the old church  of  S. Peter extramuros, where you can moor and  visit the more important religious building in Bosa, one of the older churches belonging to the Romanesque period in Sardinia. 

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