...the three different day trips by Hansiosa' crew ... learning basics of sailing practise and more.

Sailing  between “Punta Foghe” (south) and “Capo Marrargiu” (north), the first trip constitutes  an amazing journey to discovering wild and isolated places where nature is preserved intact. You can admire vultures flying and dolphins swimming close to the sailyacht. The natural bay of “Porto Managu” and “Torre Columbargia”'cove, are exceptional for snorkeling and  ideal places to relax.

We are on the North West coast of Sardinia, next to the town of Alghero, known as “Riviera del Corallo”. The imposing peninsula of Capo Caccia holds one of the most beautiful cave of the Mediterranean  sea, the “Grotte di Nettuno”. It is a Marine Protected Area and, in the amazing bay of “Porto Conte”, you can dive and spot colourful lobster.

The Island of Mal di Ventre (the name derives from an erroneous translation of “bad wind”) is located opposite to the Sinis peninsula, 3 miles off the western central coast of Sardinia. You reach  Mal di Ventre  by sailboat, leaving the port of  Bosa Marina, 20 nautic miles far. All around the island there are beautiful beaches especially on the eastern side: “Cala del Pontile”, “Cala dei Pastori”, “Cala del Nuraghe”.

We promote and conduct eco-friendly excursions and trips to nature parks, marine parks and sites of communal interest, using first class vehicles, craft and sport equipment

By Hansiosa's crew...

Honeymoons, Anniversaries, Birthdays,

Private and custom daysail or half daysail

Exclusives aperitif, lunch, dinner

Vegan and Vegetarian menu

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